MNB Architects
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Project Schedule

Preliminary Project Schedule
Programming Phase

45 Days

Owner’s Approval of Program 15 Days
Schematic Design Phase 30 Days
Owner’s Approval of Schematic Design Phase  15 Days
Design Development Phase 45 Days
Owner’s Approval of Design Development Phase  15 Days
Submission to Town for Planning Commission, Design Review 
Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen
90 Days
(To run concurrently with Design Development and Construction Document Phases)
Construction Document Phase 75 Days
Owner’s Approval of Construction Document Phase 15 Days
Bidding and Negotiation Phase 45 Days
Owner’s Approval of Bidding 
(including contract execution)
 30 Days
Construction Administration 12 Months
Project Closeout and Owner’s Acceptance of Project  30 Days