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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Educational Facilities

Academic Instruction Building

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Bethel College
 McKenzie, Tennessee

Bogota Elementary School
Code Revisions

Bon Lin Elementary School

Bon Lin Middle School

Central Elementary School

Central High School
 Memphis, Tennessee
 Cafeteria Addition
 Present Renovations

Craigmont High School
 Memphis, TN

Crenshaw School
 Windermere, Florida

Desoto County Schools, Hernando, MS
 Joint Venture with Allen and Hoshall
 New Olive Branch High School
 New Hernando Middle School
 New Southaven Middle School
 New Horn Lake Middle School
 Southaven High School
 Olive Branch Intermediate School
 New Desoto Central Campus
 Desoto Central Middle School
 Desoto Central Elementary School

Desoto County Schools, Hernando, MS

Desoto County Schools-Renovations & Additions
 Chickasaw Elementary
 Greenbrook Elementary
Hernando Elementary
 Hope Sullivan Elementary
Horn Lake Elementary
Olive Branch Elementary
Southaven Elementary
Drury College
 Springfield, MO
 Student Center

Dyer County Central
 Code Revisions

Dyer County Complex
  Bldg. 1 Auditorium (Corridor 3 & 4)

Dyer County High School
Baseball Field Lighting
Code Revisions
Corridor Doors
Damaged Roof
Gymnasium Seating - Newbern, TN
HVAC - Phase III
HVAC Renovations
Livestock Barn
New Greenhouse & Related Work
New Seating for Little Theatre Newbern
Phase II
Wall Panels

Dyer County Middle School
Dyer County Office Complex
Auditorium Building No. 1 Reroofing
Building 4, Reroofing

Dyer County Schools
 Bus Garage
Code Revisions
Classroom Air Conditioning
2 Existing Schools - Kitchen Hood
Code Review
Facility Studies
Transportation/Maintenance Facility
Storage Building

Dyersburg Activity Center
Concession Stand
Maintenance Building

Dyersburg City Schools, Dyersburg, TN
 Dyersburg Middle School
 -Feasibility Studies
 -Fire Code Revisions, Phase II
 -Gymnasium and Locker Rooms
 -East Classroom Additions

 Dyersburg Primary School
 Dyersburg Intermediate School
 -Classroom Additions
 -Exterior Renovations
 -Kitchen Hood

 Dyersburg High School
 -Athletic Renovations
 -Running Track
 -Tennis Court

 Dyersburg Central Office

Dyersburg Resource Center
 -West TN Teachers Center and
 Community Resource Center at the
 Former Dyersburg Primary School
 (Jennie Bell)

Dyersburg State Community College
Learning Resource Center
Several Bldg. Exterior Renovations
Tipton County Center, Educational Space
Tipton County Center, Phase II
Tipton County Facility
Tipton County Facility, Phase II
Tipton County Facility, Land Use Plan
Chemistry Lab

Evangelical Christian Schools
 Cordova, TN

Fifth Consolidated Elementary
 Hood Replacement
 Kitchen & Office
 Code Revisions

Finley Elementary School
Sanctuary Sewer System

Georgia State

Gibson County High School

Gill Campus Shelby State

Hernando Middle School

Haywood High School
 Vo-tech Renovations

Holice Powell School
Code Revisions
Hood Replacement

Horn Lake Middle School

Hutchison Schools, Memphis, TN
 Code Revisions

Keystone  Elementary, New Allen Road

Kirby Parkway High School
 Football Field Lighting

Lincoln Jr. High School, Memphis, TN

Memphis Tech Day Care

Memphis University School
  Code Deficiencies

Montessori School, Germantown, TN

Newbern Elementary & Junior High 
  Code Revisions

Newbern Elementary School
Gym Bleachers

Northview Middle School

Olive Branch High School

Olive Branch Intermediate School

Osceola Dorm. Tallahassee, FL

Shelby State Community College
Southaven High School

Southaven Middle School

State University & Community College
 System of TN

State Technical Institute at Memphis (STIM)
Sulcer Bldg.
Handicapped Re ??

St. George’s Day School, Germantown, TN
 Nursery Addition
 Fire Code Revisions

St. Mary’s School, Memphis, TN
 Code Revisions

Trimble Elementary School
Kitchen Reroofing
Sprinkler System

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

University of Memphis
Two year contract for renovations of miscellaneous campus buildings including data net services for 165 locations on campus

University of Tennessee, Martin, TN
 Meat Lab
 AB Bldg. Phase IV Sign
University of Tennessee, Martin, TN
 AB Bldg. Brehm Hall
 ABL Bldg. Phase III
 ABL Bldg. Phase I and II
 Cooper Hall Renovations

University Towers, Raleigh, NC

Memphis City Schools

Central High School
        Addition and Renovation

Craigmont High School
       Junior High Addition

East High School
       Vocational Technical

Florida Elementary

Keystone Elementary

Kingsbury Vocational Technical School

Kirby High School

North Side High School

Oakhaven High School Auditorium

Ridgeway High School

Southwest Vocational Technical School

Stafford Elementary School

Tech High School- Day Care Center

Trezevant Vocational Technical School

Shelby County Schools

Bartlett Elementary School

Bartlett High School

Dexter Elementary School

Dexter Middle School
Germantown High School
       Vocational Technical
Gray’s Creek – Maintenance Facility

New Lucy Elementary School

West Cordova Elementary School

West Cordova Middle School


State of Tennessee

Tennessee Technology Center
 McKenzie, TN
 Additions and Renovations
 Phase II