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Monday, November 29, 2021

James (Jim) Smallwood

Project Architect
Bachelor of Architecture
University of Idaho, 1963
• Supervisor of Facilities and Planning Shelby County Schools (SCS) in Shelby County Tennessee from August 1990 through August 2003.
• Directed all programming, planning, site selection, construction budgets, site design and building design for all renovations and new construction.
• Directed long range planning, managed construction cost for budgets and forecasted needs of facilities including all renovations, additions, and new construction. Worked closely with the maintenance department for major maintenance projects for all properties.
• Knowledgeable of federal, state, local authorities, building codes department and other governmental regulatory agencies.
• Set the standards for construction, maintaining budget and cost controls.  Assured delivery of projects to be on time and within budget.
• Working with various state departments, local authorities, schools, department of education personnel, civic and other public organizations.
• Knowledgeable of and a good steward of public money and the rules that go with the responsibility. Advised architects and engineers of balance between low cost and high quality products.
• Understand the regulations of disposal of public property.
• Understand the rules, regulations and the governing laws of bidding.
• Worked closely with architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, material vendors and suppliers for all aspects of the system. 
• Reviewed each project for compliance with governing codes, zoning and other regulations, including compliance with the owner’s programming requirements.
• As the owner’s representative served as liaison between the Board of Education and commissioned architects, engineers, contractors and others.   
• Successfully represented the Superintendent of schools, school board members, and administration.
• Maintained records of all facilities including drawings and data files.
• Met with other intergovernmental planning agencies and developers to identify parcels of land for development and to identify potential school sites.
• Presented appropriate information to other parties, governmental committees, commissions and agencies.
• Knowledgeable about the environmental challenges that face facilities.
National Council Architectural Registration Boards
State Registrations:  Idaho and Tennessee
AIA Member