MNB Architects
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Project Data

Name of Firm 
6750 Lenox Center Court, Suite 100
Memphis, Tennessee 38115
Engineering Consultants
    • Civil Engineer
    • Structural Engineer
    • Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Engineer
Specialty Consultants 
    • Technical Systems Design Consultant
    • Food Service Design Consultant
Architectural Personnel Assignment 
Two Principals will be assigned to the project during the design and construction phases of the project to insure continuity and leadership. A Project Architect will be assigned to the project along with a minimum of three Technical Assistants.
Consultant Personnel Assignment 
One Engineer, one Project Manager and two Technical Assistants for each discipline (i.e. mechanical, electrical, structural) will be assigned to the project during the design phase.  One Engineer per discipline will be assigned to the project during the construction phase.

Cost Estimating 
Our Firm routinely uses out-of-house consultants or Owner selected Contractor to estimate, establish and review budget cost during the design phases of the project.  A square foot cost estimate is provided during the Schematic Design Phase, a detailed estimate with Schedule of Values is provided at the Design Development Phase and the Contract Document Phase.  By tracking the cost at each phase of the design process and utilizing professional consultants to prepare cost estimates, our projects are consistently in budget.
Certificate of Liability Insurance available on request